vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Project Life- Documented Life June 2015

Hello there! :) 

Another quick post to show you some pages of the month June in my granddaughter's album:

Here's how I start, combining cards I made myself with purchased cards & paper.

During the process I will keep moving the cards around untill I really like the way it looks

This is how it looks when I am finished. Well actually I think it's never finshed so I need to stop myself at a certain point otherwise I will keep going on :)

(The last 2 pictures look a bit pale, sorry for this)

Thanks for watching again! xxx

Using QR codes in your project life albums:)

Hi all :)

Do you also have those video's on your mobile phone and you want to incorporate them in your project life albums? Here's what I do:)
  • First you have to have a Youtube channel. If you don't have one just go to Youtube and create a free account.
  • Upload your videos to your own channel and mark them as "hidden" when you start uploading. That way only people who have the QR code can see the video.
  • When the video is ready, copy the youtube link where the video is at and go to a page where you can make free QR codes. I always use www.qr-code-generator.com.
  • Now paste the link from Youtube in the field which says "Website (URL)" and click "Create QR-code".
  • You now can download the QR-code and safe it on your computer.
  • Print it and add it to your project life layout:) 

Below you see a QR code I added to the page (second row on the left). Normally I will cover them up when I post my work online but this is just to show you how it looks like.

Here's the same example where I used some QR codes but now they are hidden for you to see with some white squares. (sorry) :) 

When Youtube and QR-codes continue to exist it will be so much fun for your loved ones to watch the videos. All they need to have is a QR-code scanner on their mobile phone :) :) 

dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Project Life - Documented Life Pages

Hi all :)

Just a quick post to show you some of the PL pages I created lately, please take a look. I hope I'll give you some inspiration for your own albums.

Thanks for watching :) 

maandag 3 augustus 2015

Craftorij Summer Challenge 2015

At the Craftorij we have a Mixed Media Summer Challenge (for the second year on row now). I placed all my creations on pinterest so it's easy for you to see them all together.

I only post a few of them here but again, you can see all of them by
clicking here

Thanks for watching ! :) 

zondag 2 augustus 2015

Challenge Time again!

This month's challenge at Lost Coast Designs is "Circles"
For this  card I used the small circle stamp from the Shadow Frame Set with different colours distress ink. On top of that the Feather Bird in plain black ink

The sentiment is also from Lost Coast Designs

Thanks for watching and have a great day !

Guest Designer @Katzelkraft France

Hi all,

For the French brand Katzelkraft I made this blogpost as a guest designer with the lovely Giraffe stamp.

It's quite a simple card but I like the effect of the masking combined with punched circles. If you want to see the full discription please click here to visit the Katzelkraft blog.

Thanks for watching!

dinsdag 16 juni 2015

Lifebook 2015 week 17: Painting an expressive portrait with Jenny Wentworth

Hi there!

Still being a bit behind with all Lifebook lessons, I finally had some time to work on week 17, the portrait by Jenny Wentworth. It looked very difficult to me when I started but it the end it went quite easy and I am happy with the end result. Of course I know it's not perfect LOL but I am really 
happy I made it :) :)

Thanks for watching and I hope I can show you some of my next Lifebook lessons very soon :)

maandag 15 juni 2015

Ramsjbook Workshop

For a workshop I created this Ramsjbook. I was inspired by the lovely work of Julie Fei Fan Balzer and Betty Franks Krause. I like what they are doing so I loved making a book like this and gave it my own Julie & Betty "twist" ;)

Some finished ramsjbooks.

The cover of the first one I made

Work in progress

 Work in progress

Thanks for watching!

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Craftorij Zomer Challenge 2015 #CZC 2015

At the Craftorij facebook group we are doing a challenge this summer to make a little piece of artwork every day. It's a bit similar to ICAD and very fun to do. Here are my creations from the first 7 days. 

Voor de Craftorij Zomer Challenge 2015 heb ik tijdens de eerste week de onderstaande uitwerkingen gemaakt:) 

#CZC1: Use 2 or more labels

#CZC2:  Crossword/puzzle

#CZC3: Inchies

 #CZC4: Circus

#CZC5: Workspaces

#CZC6: Upside down

#CZC7: Blue

dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Challenge by Loast Coast Designs: Numbers

For this months challenge by Lost Coast Designs "Numbers" I created the card below:

I used several Lost Coast Designs stamps :

The lines at the background I stamped with the large journaling letter guide. For the numbers I used the Rustic Alphabet set and Bingo Border.

The Heart is called Flaming Heart and you can find it here.

Thanks again for watching!

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Lifebook 2015 week 15 with Tamara Laporte

Lifebook 2015 time again!!

Hi all! :)

Week 15 of Lifebook: It's the little things with Tamara Laporte
I am a little bit behind with lifebook but here's another lesson I did and....... it was way out of my comfort zone ;)

This is the end result, not completely happy with it but I had fun creating it.

Some detail pictures

 And some work in progress pictures when I was thinking to myself.........

"this is so NOT going to be okay" LOL, But in the end I am happy with it, I had fun and I tried something new again :)


Serenity Art Journal Pagina

Today I have an art journal page to share with you

I started with a gelli print I made the other day and used it for this page's background. Then I added an extra layer by using stencils and after that some Tim Holtz washi tape (the red numbers) and another piece of black & white washi tape ( I don't remember which brand it is or where it's coming from).

The stamps I used are from Lost Coast designs:
Rustic Checkerboard border
Serentity Diva

I finished this "masterpiece" by adding some white cirkels with acryllic paint and an old lid from "something".

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

donderdag 21 mei 2015

New Round Gelli plate

Last week I got myself the new round gelli plates at De Craftorij shop. I bought the 4 & 6 inch and I started playing with them. I must say I LOVE them!!!

I already had the bigger round 8 Inch one so I started off with that one and made some big circles first. I think you can see it best at the first picture below.

After making circles with the 8"Gelliplate I started working with the 6" plate and  after that the 4" one.

I used some funny color combinations, the ones I probably wouldn't use together normally but I must say I like the overall result.

The page I made is about 9 x12 inch. Not sure what I am going to do with it but it will probably become a background for an Art Journal page or something like that.

donderdag 14 mei 2015

Colorful Butterfly

There's a new Challenge blog for Lost Coast Designs and Carmen's Veranda. Please join the new blog for monthly challenges, you will have twice the inspiration and double the fun!

As an example for the first challenge I made this card with 2 new stamps by Lost Coast designs. I used the lovely Butterfly face as a focal point and for the  background I stamped and embossed the Grunge Window Wall stamp.

The bright colours you see are made with Distress Stains and I embossed the background stamp with purple embossing powder.(which is unfortunately a bit hard to see on the pictures).

I finished with some white acryllic paint spatters.
Thanks again for watching :) 

Please click the image below to go to the new challenge blog!
Go to  Lost Coast Challenge Blog