woensdag 18 februari 2015

Lifebook 2015, week 5 & 6.

Some pictures of my Lifebook 2015 artwork.

Week 5: A Dream Catcher with Rachael Rise combined with  the Affirmation Feather by Tamara Laporte

Week 6:
Seeds of Love with Tamara Laporte

zaterdag 14 februari 2015

zaterdag 7 februari 2015

Doilies Art Jorurnal page

Some pictures from one of my art journal pages using doilies, spray ink, mediums, markers, Neocolour II crayons, stamps  and glitter gel.
Start with stamping on the doilies with a permanent ink

Glue them on a coloured background, I used Neocolor II crayons for this.

Outline the circles for a more layered effect.

Apply 3-D Gloss gel mixed with some glitter throug a stencil

Add a quote or some other text if you like . :)