vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

Using QR codes in your project life albums:)

Hi all :)

Do you also have those video's on your mobile phone and you want to incorporate them in your project life albums? Here's what I do:)
  • First you have to have a Youtube channel. If you don't have one just go to Youtube and create a free account.
  • Upload your videos to your own channel and mark them as "hidden" when you start uploading. That way only people who have the QR code can see the video.
  • When the video is ready, copy the youtube link where the video is at and go to a page where you can make free QR codes. I always use www.qr-code-generator.com.
  • Now paste the link from Youtube in the field which says "Website (URL)" and click "Create QR-code".
  • You now can download the QR-code and safe it on your computer.
  • Print it and add it to your project life layout:) 

Below you see a QR code I added to the page (second row on the left). Normally I will cover them up when I post my work online but this is just to show you how it looks like.

Here's the same example where I used some QR codes but now they are hidden for you to see with some white squares. (sorry) :) 

When Youtube and QR-codes continue to exist it will be so much fun for your loved ones to watch the videos. All they need to have is a QR-code scanner on their mobile phone :) :) 

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